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Thoughts On Everything!

Do you have opinions on gun violence, taxes, pets? Do you have thoughts on government, politicians, and other people’s stupid bumper stickers? Are you having thoughts right now about how to say all everything you want to say? Well, keep on thinking, Dude — and put it all on a ThoughtOnBoard!  The fastest, most convenient, […]

Say What Needs to be Said

ThoughtOnBoard™ Useful for HOAs

A homeowners association management company ordered ThoughtOnBoards™ to use in the meeting and recreation rooms of the residential complexes they manage. These common spaces have windows, they said, and the HOA management company is going to post their ThoughtOnBoards in the windows of the meeting and rec rooms to make residents aware of when the rooms […]

Innovative, Fun and Inexpensive New Holiday Gift Idea!

Looking for something new to give as Christmas gifts this year?  Look no further than ThoughtOnBoard™.  It’s new, inexpensive, practical, fun and endlessly useful.  Most everyone can find a use for ThoughtOnBoard. They’re great in shop windows to indicate a specials or time-limited sales. Use one at home as a message board or message center […]

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