Innovative, Fun and Inexpensive New Holiday Gift Idea!

Use ThoughtOnBoard™ for text messages, drawings, or just for fun!

Looking for something new to give as Christmas gifts this year?  Look no further than ThoughtOnBoard™.  It’s new, inexpensive, practical, fun and endlessly useful.  Most everyone can find a use for ThoughtOnBoard. They’re great in shop windows to indicate a specials or time-limited sales. Use one at home as a message board or message center on your stainless steel fridge. ThoughtOnBoard is better than using a bumper sticker. You can change it as fast as the issues change! Involved in a grass roots campaign or stumping for a local candidate? Get your group some ThoughtOnBoards and easily and inexpensively display your message as you drive all over town.  Leave a note for the gardener, the pool guy, the cable installer.  Have an issue no one seems to be talking about? Get them talking by putting it on a ThoughtOnBoard. Help the pizza delivery guy find your house. Post ThoughtOnBoards in office windows to tell your boss when you plan to be gone, or remind co-workers about a task or a deadline.  Selling your car? Post the details about it on a ThoughtOnBoard in the vehicle’s window.  What uses will you find for ThoughtOnBoard™?


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