Ideas for Use

People are always finding new ways to use ThoughtOnBoard™. Here are some ways people use them:

  • Use it in store windows to tell customers about special hours, discount items and holiday sales.
  • Turn the suction cups around and post it on the fridge to keep a handy grocery list or alert your kids to what goodies are in the fridge.
  • Put a ThoughtOnBoard™ on the fridge to remind elderly folks about upcoming appointments, and orient memory-challenged people to what day it is, who’s coming to visit, etc.
  • Restaurants write their daily specials on them and post them in their windows.
  • One customer bought two large ThoughtOnBoards, reversed the suction cups, attached the two boards back-to-back and posted them in his open glass door so customers could read info on both sides. (This was a way to get around a city ordinance banning A-framed-style sidewalk signs.)
  • Post ThoughtOnBoard in your home to welcome visitors, ask visitors to wipe their feet or to keep their voices low to avoid waking a sleeping baby or day-sleeper.
  • Many people buy stainless steel fridges only to find out magnets don’t work on stainless steel! Stick a ThoughtOnBoard on your stainless-steel refrigerator for notes, shopping lists.
  • A law firm with offices with windows that look out onto a hallway bought all of their attorneys ThoughtOnBoards to use to keep co-workers informed about their whereabouts, days off, vacations, breaks, business trips, etc.
  • People write on them and hold them up at city council meetings where people are not allowed to speak. After the meeting, they post the boards in their car windows where they could be seen all over town!

The uses for Thought On Board are endless. Do you have a new use for Thought On Board? Let us know! We’ll add it to our website and send you some M&Ms.