I’ve never seen anything like your product, but it’s exactly what I had in mind.  I own a barber shop, and this is perfect for when I’m out or have specials or whatever!  [To find it,] I googled something like “dry erase window board suction cups.”  I can’t wait to get it!!


                                                                                      — Katie K., Mexico Beach, FL


I have a group of engineers that travel a lot. I am going to put the signs on their office doors which are glass. That way we can put an “out-of-office” sign for travel dates or if sick, etc., so that anyone looking for them knows where they are. (They never put out of office on their email calendars.) We also have a great crisis management team that has fire and earthquake drills, and its good to know who is out of the office so we don’t have to worry about them in an emergency.

— Jennie A., Walt Disney Corporation, Glendale, California


I am using ThoughtOnBoard to place on an office door to be able to update easily if the office is vacant or in use.

Kirstine W. (employee at a Chicago, Illinois logistics company)


I bought two large ThoughtOnBoards, took the suction cups off one of them, and used the other 4 suction cups to bolt the two boards back to back so that we can write on both the front and back and post it in our window. ThoughtOnBoard is great for us since street “A-frame” type boards are illegal in Charlotte.

— Michael M., business owner, Charlotte, North Carolina


“We take a ThoughtOnBoard on car trips. We bought the kids some colored dry-erase markers, and they make different signs and designs on the board and put it up in the car window while we’re driving. It cracks them up and keeps them busy. Before we know it, we’re at our destination, and the kids are in a good mood!”


My husband is a mediator and his business hours vary. ThoughtOnBoard lets him post the hours he will be in the office in a given week, and change the info depending on his circumstances. He can also give clients a number to call when he’s out. Awesome idea! Thanks!


I put it in the window of our cabin with an emergency contact phone number on it.  It’s about time someone made something like this. How come it wasn’t around sooner?



We reversed the suction cups and it makes a great message board/memo board for our stainless steel fridge. Thanks!

–Franklin W., Scottsdale AZ


We attached a large ThoughtOnBoard to our 84 year-old mom’s fridge and use it as a calendar board to remind her of appointments, what day it is, etc.

–Carol R., Dodge City, Iowa


I’ll be using my ThoughtOnBoard on the door (which is mostly glass) to our condo complex clubhouse letting people know that the clubhouse has been reserved for a certain date so that they don’t go in thinking to use it at that time. I referred another property manager to take a look at ThoughtOnBoard because her office door, and the door to the gym and Yoga room, are glass. If she’s going to be out of the office or if there is a notice about using the gym, she can just write on the white board and post it on the door.

— Karen, condo homeowners’ association manager


Dear Friends,

What a great product!!! Please send another one to: [address]

–Multiple-purchase repeat customer L.F. in Canton, CT, December 7, 2003